How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree in Rochester, NY?

The cost of tree removal in Rochester, NY depends on several factors which can significantly influence the price of the tree removal job.

  • Location

    Location is probably the most significant factor in tree removal cost. If the tree is in the middle of a field, it can be cut down from ground level, but if the tree is near structures or roads, it will need to be cut down in sections, and possibly even “rigged” with ropes and pulleys.

  • Size

    Size is another major factor. Many ash and spruce trees have relatively small trunks and branches, which makes the tree removal process easier. There is also much less debris to haul away. Willow and cottonwood trees tend to have very large trunks and branches; this makes the job take longer, and raises the price.

  • Structural Integrity

    If a tree has been dead for a long time, this can increase the price, as more care is necessary in removing the tree, because there is a higher chance that the wood is rotten. Trees with rotten wood are trickier and more dangerous to remove.

  • Time of Year

    If the tree is removed when it has lost its leaves, or early in the spring, it results in less debris to haul away; this reduces the cost.

Why Price Shouldn’t Be Your Only Factor

A low-priced tree service company might not have the liability insurance or equipment necessary to properly remove your tree. Don’t get stuck with your property being damaged by an uninsured tree service. Reputable companies, such as Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC have the necessary equipment and insurance to safely remove your tree. While our prices aren’t necessarily the lowest, you can rest assured knowing that you have a legitimate business performing the tree removal.

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