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About Landscape Installations

Paul’s Landscaping provides landscape installations/plantings. Getting your landscaping professionally installed is crucial to the overall appearance of your property. Whether you need flowerbed installation, tree planting, or shrub installation, you can trust that Paul’s Landscaping will get the job done professionally. Paul’s Landscaping uses proper horticultural methods to insure a professional, dependable result. Paul’s Landscaping can do complete landscape installations/landscape plantings for new construction, or can renovate or expand an existing landscape. Quite often, when a new landscape is wanted, shrub removal and/or sod removal is needed before new work can begin. Sometimes, re-adjusting the shape of the landscape bed can help to provide a fresh, new look.

Our Method

If the customer doesn’t know exactly what they would like, Paul’s Landscaping can develop a landscape design. A landscape design can help the result to look much more orderly and thought through. To insure professional, long-lasting results, Paul’s Landscaping makes sure to only plant healthy, not diseased shrubs, trees, and flowers. Careful attention is placed on all too often overlooked factors, such as planting depth, soil quality, and the amount of fertilizer needed. When performing a landscaping renovation or landscape installation, good quality topsoil is added if needed to help the new plants develop strong roots and grow well. Additionally, Paul’s Landscaping can create a berm of topsoil before installing the landscape plantings if desired. Berms have the advantage of improving drainage while simultaneously elevating the landscape plantings.

Materials Used

To finish the overall project, mulch or stone/gravel is typically applied around the plantings, per customer request. This helps to keep down weeds while simultaneously enhancing the overall appearance. Paul’s Landscaping generally recommends against the usage of landscape fabric/weed barrier when using mulch. The reason is that mulch naturally decomposes over time on top of the landscape fabric, creating a layer of topsoil on top of the landscape fabric. The weeds then can grow in the new topsoil, defeating the purpose of landscape fabric. Over the course of several years, the weed roots can then grow through the fabric into the soil below, damaging the landscape fabric to the point that it often needs to be removed, which is a time consuming process. For stone or gravel, landscape fabric/weed barrier is needed to prevent weeds as well as to prevent dirt from beneath the stone from splashing onto the stone. Landscape fabric beneath stone does not seem to fail as quickly as landscape fabric beneath mulch, especially if regular weeding is done while the weeds are still small. Plastic edging may be added around the landscape installation if the customer requests. Plastic edging has the advantage of not requiring annual edging with a spade. It also can help prevent stone or mulch from moving onto the yard, reducing the amount that needs to be picked up from the lawn.

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What Makes Us Different

As a Webster, NY landscaperPaul’s Landscaping has the experience needed to get your landscaping installation job done right, the very first time. Since landscaping is an investment, trust your investment with someone who has the experience. Request an Estimate below or call (585) 775-6941 today to schedule a free estimate, where you can begin the process of getting your landscaping project underway.

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