About Grass Overseeding/Reseeding

   Over time, many yards develop patches with sparse or absent grass. There are a variety causes of this problem, including grub damage, over or under-fertilization, lack of water, and lack of sunlight, and damage from herbicide over-spray. Most yards develop several of these patches each year and thus benefit from overseeding. Alternatively, if a large section of turf has completely died out, sod installation is an option. 

How We Do Grass Overseeding/Reseeding

Paul’s Landscaping uses high-quality grass seed that has a high germination percentage. Paul’s Landscaping uses a walk-behind spreader in large areas, and a hand-crank spreader in small areas to distribute the grass seed.

Care Needed After Overseeding

Grass seed needs to be watered about three times each day for at least 15-20 minutes each time for two to three weeks after over-seeding. After that point, the watering can be reduced to once per day, and then every few days. This is time consuming, so an automatic watering device that turns the flow of water on and off can be purchased and connected to the outdoor spigot. This makes the process much less labor intensive.

Why Hire Paul's Landscaping?

 Paul’s Landscaping has the experience needed to do a high-quality over-seeding/reseeding job. Call (585) 775-6941 or request an estimate below today. 

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