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About Shrub Trimming

Shrub trimming is important for the health of your shrubs and the overall appearance of your property. Beyond simply maintaining a neat appearance, shrub trimming can actually prolong the years that a shrub remains practical before it outgrows its location.

Benefits of Shrub Trimming

Shearing the shrub with a hedge trimmer actually causes the shrub’s buds to branch 

out, creating five or more branches where only one previously existed, due to a biological

phenomenon  known as apical dominance, this causes the shrub to grow much thicker 

and fuller. Even if shrubs have not yet reached their ideal size, they should still be 

trimmed 1-2 times per year at the minimum to prevent them from growing sparse and 


Method of Trimming

Most shrubs are trimmed with a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer. This provides consistent, uniform results. However, a few types of shrubs need hand trimming with hand clippers. When shrubs are hand pruned, the cuts are made several inches into the shrub, which hides any cut marks that might otherwise be apparent. Hand-pruning allows shrubs to maintain their natural texture while controlling their overall size, and preserves the shrub’s overall health by removing weaker branches. Paul’s Landscaping can trim anything from yew shrubs to intricate topiary. 

Why Hire Paul's Landscaping?

Shrub trimming is one of those jobs that benefits from the skill of a Webster, NY landscaper such as Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC. If shrubs are incorrectly trimmed, they can be irreversibly harmed to the point that they require shrub removal. Removing too much growth by cutting into the “dead zone” can lead to irreversible bare patches, while removing too little growth looks unsightly and minimizes the beneficial effects of trimming. Good shrubs are an investment that deserves protection. Therefore, an experienced, insured local professional is recommended. Each day, Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC is devoted to providing high quality, reliable landscaping service. That is the Art of Enhancing Properties. Request an estimate today.

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