Hand Weeding Webster, NY

About Hand Weeding

Also known as landscape bed maintenance, weeding is an important step toward taking better care of your landscaping.  Weeds are not only unsightly; they can hinder your plant’s growth. Furthermore, weeds left to mature will produce seeds, compounding the problem in future years. Paul’s Landscaping offers hand weeding, which is accomplished by pulling them by hand or slicing them with a hoe. Paul’s Landscaping can offer weeding on a per-time basis, or can offer it as a once-per month weeding in a season-long contract.

Why Hire Paul's Landscaping?

Weeding is probably the least desirable task for most homeowners, so save yourself hours of difficult work by hiring Paul’s Landscaping. Paul’s Landscaping strongly recommends having weeding done before mulch installation if any weeds are present, because without weeding, the weeds frequently will grow through the mulch. Give Paul’s Landscaping a call at (585) 775-6941 or request an estimate today.

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