Mulching Webster NY

About Mulch Installation

Having mulch installed is an important step towards taking better care of your property. Mulching prevents weeds, conserves moisture, and helps to maintain an orderly, professional appearance. In many cases, watering becomes unneeded after mulching. Paul’s Landscaping recommends having a 2 to 3 inch application of mulch installed every year.

Preparation Before Mulching

Weeding should be done before mulching. Weeding is a crucial step before mulch 


application if any weeds are present. Without having the weeds removed, they 


frequently grow through the mulch, which destroys many of the benefits of having mulch


installed. It is also recommended to have Spring Cleanup prior to mulch installation if 


needed. Generally, it is recommended to have edging done at the same time unless 


permanent edge has been installed already.

Benefits of Mulching

One benefit of mulching is that over time, as the mulch naturally decays, mulch adds 


nutrients and structure to the soil. While mulch installation has many benefits, mulch 


installation isn’t something just anyone knows how to do. All too often, well-intentioned


but inexperienced people heap the mulch around the base of the the tree, almost so that 


it looks like a volcano. Mulch should always be kept an inch or two away from the base 


of shrub and tree trunks, or it can actually cause the bark to rot, frequently causing tree 


or shrub death. Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC makes sure to follow industry best 


practice and not apply mulch around tree trunks.

Our Method

There are several different types of mulch. The most common type Paul’s Landscaping 


installs is black mulch, but Paul’s Landscaping can install other mulches, such as brown 


and red mulch as well. We have the capability of handling mulch installation jobs of all 


sizes, from jobs that are just a few bags of mulch to jobs involving 30 plus yards of 


mulch. Almost all mulches use natural color additives, such as carbon black for black 


mulch, or iron-based additives for red mulch. As a local, Rochester, NY landscaper, you 


can be certain you will get a professional result, every time. Request an estimate today so 


that you can get your property looking its very best.

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