Sod Planting Rochester NY

About Sod Installation

Paul’s Landscaping offers sod installation. While having sod installed costs more than planting grass seed, sod has the benefit of providing an instant lawn rather than having to wait several months for the grass seed to germinate and grow into a thick lawn. Like grass seed, sod requires regular watering to get established. This can be done by hand or with a sprinkler. 

How Sod Installation Is Done

First, the property usually needs be tilled, and several inches of topsoil generally need to be added. Then, a slow release, low nitrogen, high-phosphorus fertilizer is added to encourage root growth. The soil is carefully raked and graded, and then the sod is unrolled. It is laid in a staggered pattern to prevent the sod from slipping/ moving. The edges of  the sod are placed closely to one another, but not overlapped to prevent the sod from slipping/moving. Sod installation can be done any time of year when it is not freezing, but the results are much better in the spring and the fall, since it is cooler and the sod is less likely to die. Sod that is installed in the summer may require light watering for several hours each day to keep it from drying out and dying. 

Why Hire Paul's Landscaping?

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