Landscape edging

About Landscape Edging

 One of the services that Paul’s Landscaping offers is landscape edging. Landscape edging involves removal of sod away from the edge of landscape plantings/flowerbeds with a spade. This creates a neat appearance, and prevents the lawn from encroaching in upon the landscape. Paul’s Landscaping generally recommends having edging done each time that mulch is installed, (once per year), unless permanent edging/curbing has been installed. Regular string trimming can help to maintain the edged appearance. Paul’s Landscaping can install plastic edging if you want to avoid having to have edging done each year.

Edging Around Trees

As trees grow, they may benefit from removal of sod removed from the area several feet around the trunk, followed by mulch installation. This prevents the need to mow close to the tree, which can be a hassle if there are low-growing tree branches. It also eliminates the need to string-trim close to the tree, which can cause permanent damage to young trees. Sod is hauled off site for disposal by Paul’s Landscaping after removal.

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