Shrub Removal

Shrub Removal Webster, NY

About Shrub Removal

One of the services that Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC offers is shrub removal/shrub replacement. Shrub removal can help to revitalize your landscape by removing overgrown or dying shrubs and replacing them with new shrubs, flowers, or trees if desired.

Shrub Removal Process

There are several methods Paul’s Landscaping uses to remove shrubs. Paul’s Landscaping can dig around the base of the shrub with a shovel, and use a farm-jack to lift the shrub out of the ground. If the shrub is located near a road or a driveway, Paul’s Landscaping can pull the shrub out with our truck. For very large shrubs, Paul’s Landscaping can have the stumps ground with a stump grinder. Alternatively, if the customer is looking for a slightly more affordable option, and doesn’t want to plant anything in that location in the near future, the shrub can simply be cut off at the ground level. Paul’s Landscaping then hauls the removed shrubs off site for disposal unless the customer requests otherwise.

Why Hire Paul's Landscaping of NY, LLC?

As a Rochester, NY area landscaper, Paul’s Landscaping takes great care in the work that we do. Paul’s Landscaping is fully licensed and insured. Get your landscaping renovated by Paul’s Landscaping today. Call (585)-775-6941 or request a free estimate below.

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