About Landscape Design

2-d Landscape Design by Paul's Landscaping of NY, LLC

Every beautiful landscape starts with a plan. Whether you want landscaping for new construction, or want to see what revitalizing or expanding your existing landscape looks like, Paul’s Landscaping makes the landscaping design process straightforward. We use high-tech computer-imaging software that can show you what the finished landscape looks like in 2-d or 3-d before any landscaping is done. With our expertise and the use of this software, it allows you to see several concepts before having the landscape installed, and can show you how the plants grow several years into the future.  Unlike the hand-drawn plans that some landscape designers create that leave you guessing at what the various plant symbols mean and what the installed landscape will look like, with our method, you can see a nearly life-like design. By showing plant growth projections, it allows one to avoid plants that would quickly outgrow or remain too small for their location. You can see Semi-Formal, Formal (European), Oriental, or other designs and choose which one fits your property and preferences.

About The Process

Paul’s Landscaping first starts with evaluating the customer’s wishes for the property during the initial questionnaire. Then, Paul’s Landscaping sets up a time with the customer to do a free, no-0bligation on-site consultation. The customer is given a quote for the cost of the design services. For more information about how much it costs to develop a landscape design, see our article here. If the customer decides to proceed with the design process, Paul’s Landscaping can take photos of the property so that they can be uploaded into the landscape design software. Paul’s Landscaping then develops the first draft of the design (s). After developing the first draft, Paul’s Landscaping schedules a time with the customer to discuss the design, and gives the customer a quote to install the design. The customer can point out any revisions they would like. If the revisions are more extensive, Paul’s Landscaping may revise the design off-site and then meet with the customer to discuss the final copy. By carefully developing a design that suits your needs, you can save money by avoiding costly landscaping mistakes. After the design has been completed, the design can then be implemented and the landscaping installed by Paul’s Landscaping, or the customer, or another contractor.

Considerations During Design

Paul’s Landscaping makes sure to only incorporate plant material that is suitable for the conditions of the property, taking into consideration a wide range of factors, including the size and shape of the plant, the level of maintenance required, and the root growth type. Quite often, customers consult a landscape designer because they have specific challenges that they need to have solved. For instance, a slope on a property might need plants to prevent erosion, but might be too steep to safely mow. The desired style of the landscape also greatly influences the choice of plants and other materials. It takes plenty of creativity to develop a design that is both beautiful and functional.

How To Get Started

If you are looking for a landscape designer in the Rochester, NY area, you can trust that Paul’s Landscaping will provide you with a professional, dependable result.  Paul’s Landscaping offers a free initial consultation where you can discuss what your wishes and needs are for your property. Contact us today at (585) 775-6941 or fill out the request an estimate form so that we can get your project underway.
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