Tree Planting Webster, NY

About Tree Installation

One of the services offered by Paul’s Landscaping is tree installation. Paul’s Landscaping can install trees that are either potted or balled-and-burlaped. Properly planted trees can provide much beauty to your yard for many years to come. 

Importance of Proper Planting

Incorrectly planted trees may die or not grow as rapidly as they should. One common mistake that many people make when planting trees is to place mulch right up next to the trunk. This can cause insect, fungal, and bacterial damage, thus killing the tree. Paul’s Landscaping makes sure to leave a proper spacing between the trunk and the tree. Paul’s Landscaping can plant both coniferous and decidous trees. Most trees, especially coniferous trees, benefit from staking for one year. This allows the tree to establish roots by preventing the wind from swaying the tree excessively.

Our Method

Paul’s Landscaping makes sure to evaluate the area where the tree is being planted during the estimation process, prior to planting the tree. Several factors are evaluated. These factors include mature tree size, proximity to power lines and houses, and proximity to paved surfaces (which, with certain tree species, can cause damage to by causing the pavement to heave). After evaluating these factors, the estimate is given to the customer for them to consider. Upon customer approval of the estimate, Paul’s Landscaping purchases the needed supplies (mulch, tree stakes, fertilizer, soil amendments), and also purchases the tree (s) from a reputable tree farmer or nursery. Depending on the size of the tree, a large hand-truck may be used to help move the tree to the planting area. If the tree was grown in a container, the container is removed prior to placing the tree in the hole. If the tree was balled-and burlapped, as much of the wire re-enforcement is clipped and burlap removed as is practical. It is generally agreed by landscaping professionals to not remove too much burlap if doing so disturbs the root-ball of the tree. Any burlap left on the root ball naturally decomposes over time.

What Makes Us Different

As a Rochester, NY area landscaper, Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC has the experience needed to get your tree planting job done professionally. Entrust your landscaping job to someone who has the dedication to quality to get the job done right. Contact Paul’s Landscaping at (585) 775-6941 or request an estimate by clicking the icon below for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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