5 Easily Preventable Landscaping Mistakes

Like most homeowners, you want your property to look well maintained and be hassle-free. Below are some easily preventable mistakes that can be avoided if you hire a Webster, NY landscaper such as Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC.

1. Failure To Develop A Landscape Design

A landscape design serves as the blueprint for the entire landscaping installation project. Unless the project is very simple, such as planting only a few shrubs, a landscape design is necessary. If a landscape design isn’t developed, it can lead to selecting the wrong type of plants, which is a costly mistake, and it can lead to the plants being planted in the wrong location. 

2. Not Trimming Shrubs Frequently

While shrubs can live for many years, if they are not trimmed frequently, they may outgrow their location in just a few years. If trimming is attempted at this point, there are only two options: trim back as far as the growth goes, and let the shrub remain somewhat over-grown, or trim back into the woody section of the shrub, and risk leaving permanent bare patches. Neither of these situations is an ideal scenario. The best solution is to hire a Webster, NY landscaper to trim your shrubs regularly, such as once or twice a year. 

3. Not Mulching Landscape Beds

Mulching serves many useful purposes in the landscape. It helps to control weed growth, and it helps to conserve moisture by reducing evaporation from the soil. As it decomposes, it releases some nutrients into the soil. Landscape beds should be mulched at least every other year. We recommend mulching every year if possible. 

4. Using Landscape Fabric Under Mulch

At first, it seems to make perfect sense: lay down landscape fabric, and no weeds will ever grow in a landscape bed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way in practice. Over time, mulch decomposes and forms rich humus. Them weed seeds germinate and begin to grow in the new soil that has been formed on top of the landscape fabric. The major problem isn’t the growth of the weeds; the problem is that the weed’s roots tangle themselves in the landscaping fabric, and make the weeds very difficult to remove. For these reasons, Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC only recommends using landscape fabric where landscape stone will be applied.  

5. Not Fertilizing Plants When Needed

Most trees, shrubs, and perennials benefit from fertilization once or twice a year. If they are not fertilized, some plants begin to demonstrate signs of nutrient deficiency, such as slow growth, minimal blooming, and a pale, yellow-tinged leaf color. While nitrogen deficiency produces the most obvious symptoms, deficiency of other nutrients, such as phosphorus, potassium, and iron create significant symptoms as well. Nutrient availability is also pH dependent. If there are symptoms of a low soil pH, we recommend applying lime, which contains calcium and magnesium and raises the soil pH, making nutrients more available. If you need a Webster, NY landscaper to fertilize your plants, contact Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC. We make sure to use use the correct type of fertilizer for your plants. 

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