Tree Removal Services

Why Trees Might Need To Be Removed

While trees are a nice feature of most properties, sometimes trees need to be removed. There are a variety of reasons to remove a tree. Sometimes, trees die and need to be removed. Many trees in the Webster, NY area have died or are in the process of dying from diseases such as Rhizosphaera Needle Cast, which affects spruce and fir trees, or insects, such as the Emerald Ash Borer. The Emerald Ash Borer affects ash trees, quickly killing them in just a few years. Other times, trees may have outgrown their location, or are “nuisance trees”, such as willow or cottonwood trees that tend to drop branches, leaves, and twigs much of the season.

About The Process

Regardless of the reason that you need an arborist to remove your tree, you can count on Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC to provide high-quality tree removal services. Unlike some companies that use bucket trucks or large lifts, which can damage your lawn by leaving large ruts, we can usually  climb trees, using a climbing harness, rope, and spikes, allowing us to cut the tree down in sections. This method allows us to minimize unnecessary turf damage and allows us to remove trees that are not accessible via lift due to difficult terrain or inadequate road access. If necessary, we rig the tree by using ropes and pulleys to gently lower the tree limbs and sections of the trunk down to ground. This can help to avoid damage to surrounding houses, fences, etc. Also, for hauling limbs and logs, we use a small articulating wheel loader, which has 13″ wide, turf-friendly tires, that help to distribute the weight of the machine and minimizes ground pressure/soil compaction. With normal, dry  ground conditions, this machine typically leaves little to no turf damage, compared to a large tracked skid steer that skids at each turn and  can tear up a lawn when driven over the same section of lawn repeatedly. 

Considerations During Tree Removal

After the tree is cut down, we clean up the debris and haul it away for disposal. If desired, Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC can have the stump ground and the wood chips to be removed (if necessary) and topsoil and grass seed to be installed. If you are considering getting a tree removed, call Paul’s Landscaping of NY, LLC today or fill out the request an estimate form to get your tree removal project underway. Paul’s Landscaping is fully insured, carrying both General Liability Insurance, as well as Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage on all employees. 

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