5 Questions to Ask Before You Choose A Landscaper

  If you are looking for a landscaper in Webster, NY, there are many options. Choosing a landscaper is an important step towards taking better care of your property. A good landscaper will understand your wants and needs, and will be able to perform to your expectations. The following are a few guidelines about how to choose a landscaper.
  1. Do they have a valid business license? This simple question should separate the fly-by-night people who do landscaping merely as a way to earn money from those who have the experience needed to do a professional result.
  2. Do they have the proper tools to get the job done? Do they have gasoline-powered hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, etc.?
  3. Can they provide a list of customers as referrals/recommendations? Without any recommendations available, it is difficult to discern between the high-quality landscapers and those who are frauds.
  4. Is the business locally owned and operated? With many landscaping businesses being large corporations or franchises, the commitment to quality is often much less. Also, national landscaping brands may also charge more to compensate for increased overhead cost.
  5.  Does the business specialize in just landscaping, or do they offer too many non-landscaping services to develop adequate experience doing landscaping? Many companies offer hardscaping, shed installation, and even window cleaning rather than just landscaping.
Paul’s Landscaping is fully licensed and insured, and has the tools needed. Customer recommendations are available upon request. As a Webster, NY landscaperPaul’s Landscaping is locally owned and operated. Paul’s Landscaping provides only lawn and landscaping services.
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