Why Winter Is A Good Time For Landscape Design

For many people, they don’t start thinking about their garden design until it is too late. The landscape design process can take several weeks, and by mid-May, many landscapers in Webster, NY have booked schedules, sometimes even as far out as a month or more. This would require either planting the plants in July, in the heat of summer, (which would require frequent watering, and a higher risk of the plants dying) or waiting several months until the cooler temperatures of fall. While Paul’s Landscaping can plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and perennials in the mid-summer, we recommend planting in the spring and fall, as it requires much less watering, which saves the customer time.
      Most people wouldn’t hire an architect to design a house a week before they expect the ground to be broken. The same thing applies to landscape design–it makes sense to plan ahead. This winter, we can start working on your landscape design, so that come spring, you can get your landscape installed. To get your landscape design project underway, call (585) 775-6941 or fill out our request an estimate form. 
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